About Us


The objectives of khelgaon have been drawn based on the principle of NO PROFIT & NO LOSS and they are:

  1. To provide coaching and instructional facilities in sports.
  2. To promote various sports. Viz. Tennis Swimming, Badminton Volley Ball Jogging and Yoga including Meditation.
  3. To develop interest in sports activities with intent to create consciousness and spirit of mutual help in the citizens of Agra in general and members in particular.
  4. To encourage recognized Schools/Colleges/Institutions to avail Sports facilities for their students on payment of fee as agreed.
  5. Provide recreational and healthy environment to the citizens. of City.
  6. To ensure phased addition of sports facilities basically indoors.


  1. To develop Khelgaon and equip and it with various facilities within the policy of Governing Body.
  2. To purchase hire engage or employ Markers Coaches Instructors Ground man and other staff for day to day running of khelgaon and pay them according to agreement
  3. To work under overall control and super vision of management and governing body.
  4. To do all other lawful activities as are incidental or conducive for the attainment of the above objectives.