Any citizen of India and resident of Agra along with his family consists of his spouse and children (two only) below 18years, is eligible for applying for the membership on a prescribed form obtainable from office of Khelgaon for Rs.50/-per form. The Membership shall only be granted by the Governing Body and their decision shall be final. Membership shall be granted only for one year duration. Applicant should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Applicant Should be minimum 21years of age.
  • Should be a resident of Agra.
  • Should have independent source of income
  • Should not been convicted by any Court of law under any section of IPC.
  • Should furnish minimum two references known to the Governing body.

Filled in application form along with family photographs should be submitted in the office. The forms will be scrutinized and put up to the Governing Body once a month and each case will be examined, interviewed and voted by the Governing Body. If 75% members of the Governing Body vote in favor, then membership will granted for one year. Confirmation or rejection of application shall be declared within 30 days of submission of application.